Here is some feedback from a number of people who have hired Miro as their personal trainer recently in Clifton, Bristol.

Emma P: Hair stylist, Angry Daves/Harry Blades

EmmaHalf“I went to Miro for help because I had left my half marathon training to late, 5 weeks before the race! I had done half marathons before but usually had more training time under my belt. My previous time was 2:37 but I really really wanted to break the 2 hour mark.
First of all Miro made it clear that we only have a small amount of time, so we had to be realistic. I play in a band on most weekends, so there is beer and bad food aplenty. He stressed the importance of no alcohol, changing my diet and getting plenty of rest.”

“He wrote me out a detailed training plan for me to perform on my own, including long runs and tempo runs. In the sessions with him we did cross training, core exercises and very hard hill runs!
Other important factors to me were recovering well and helping me with my tight calf. He recommended I purchase a foam roller and this really helped and resolved my calf issue (along with stretching).
Believe it or not I was even ill on the Wednesday before the race and worried because I had not got my last couple of sessions in. He reassured me that as long as I recover before race day I will be fine. He gave me a race strategy and I am proud to report that I ran a 1:57 on the 15/09/2013….so happy!!”

Akash Patel: Shop Owner

Akash before and after
“When I reached 19.9 stone I decided I wanted to change. With Miro’s help I have managed to get to under 13 stone by using healthy eating and exercise. I now want to get my body fat to under 15% and build loads of muscle! He completely changed my eating without putting me on a diet and he is always on hand to help me when I have any questions about food.

I really enjoy the fitness sessions and he always keeps me motivated my setting new goals. Being overweight in the past I worry about putting the weight back on but we do regular health checks where he shows me what my body is doing and the results I am getting. Even days when I am tired, I end up leaving the session feeling great!”

Marda Willey: Exercise Physiologist

Marda Fitness Training“I have had the great pleasure of working along side Miro for over a year at Precision Health PT studio in Kew, Victoria Australia. As a teacher trainer in my fields of expertise for over 25 years, my eyes are always watching those teaching around me. I did observe and noticed Miro evolve into a truly caring, dedicated and highly skilled trainer.”

“On a professional level, Miro, read, attended work shops and subjected his own body to a range of fitness modalities that all lead to a greater understanding of functional fitness needed in his body, and therefore a greater understanding of the functional fitness needed in the bodies of clients he had in front of him. He changed his own body with dedication to correct exercise and a healthy eating regime. He talked the talk and walked the walk without being condescending or patronising to clients, acknowledging the odd ‘ off track day ‘ helping them get back on track and the results were evident. I noticed changes in dedication from his clients as there self confidence grew and their bodies showed results.”

“On a client level I was also a participant in a group exercise class Miro helped to develop. The direction and objectives of the class changed and as the needs of the participants changed. Miro took on board the latest training methods and applied them to the simplest group exercise. I had fun, felt improvement in my body and noticed how the other women had improved in strength and endurance.”

Oliver Hollis: Director, Hollis and Morgan

“Miro triumphed where others have failed! Having always considered myself to be a “fat” person I had never really expected that to change, whilst I am not morbidly obese I have never really shifted my puppy fat through a combination of laziness, denial and a lack of basic knowledge and understanding of what it takes (and how easy it is ) to have a healthy lifestyle. I had previously thought it hadn’t really effected my world as I lead a busy life, play sport and can just about buy clothes etc that fit… then I turned 30! I was drawn to Miro’s project as first and foremost he is not a shouter – he is a down to earth guy who does not make unrealistic demands – in many ways you set the standard and he helps you maintain it. The main bonus for me was that he is a genuine expert in his field and not just a “gym bunny” who fancies becoming a personal trainer – first impression are everything and bluntly he “knows what he is bloody talking about!” We set off on a 3 month intensive programme to achieve the following; shed the puppy fat, improve energy levels and to get fit for the new football season by a combination of carefully controlled meals, regular exercise with the aim of leaving me with the motivation and skills to eat and exercise healthily for the rest of my life.”

Oliver Hollis - Before & After

Anita Bonita: Chief of Staff, MOD

“I first trained with Miro in Bristol in 2011. Having had several PT sessions before, I was apprehensive about embarking on yet another session with a “militant” instructor putting me through my paces against a rigid one size fits all fitness plan. Miro was a complete breath of fresh air and broke the mould of typical trainers. Miro listened to what I wanted to achieve and took into account my then lack of fitness and ongoing health issues. Each session was different and varied to prevent boredom and served to continuously motivate me not only during the session but outside of the sessions under my own steam.
What sets Miro apart from other trainers is his passion for what he does and his genuine desire to see you succeed in achieving your goals no matter how challenging or ambitious the goal! Often sessions had to be tweaked on the day due to my ongoing back and hip issues demonstrating Miro’s superlative fitness knowledge as he was able to quickly adapt the session to suit my circumstances allowing me to continue with my training. His positivity and professional yet friendly disposition engenders a feeling of self-belief and delivers results that I didn’t think were possible. I enjoy each and every session and I am so glad Miro is back in the UK to get me in shape for my wedding.”

Ian B: Doctor

“Miro Caminade helped me lose three stone in three months. The results were amazing. He really does help you with so many different aspects of fitness. Not only have I lost the weight but I feel so good now and on top of that I have managed to stay fit and healthy!”

Kate B: Barrister, Albion Chambers, Bristol

“Miro has been doing personal training sessions with me once or twice a week for 3 years. In this time, he has been skillful at adapting training to different goals, such as participating in a 10k road race (having never run before), maintaining fitness, losing weight, and recently rehabilitation for a knee injury. Miro is always punctual and reliable; in all that time he has never cancelled a session or been late. He is friendly but always appropriate, and makes the sessions enjoyable. He clearly keeps himself up-to-date with research into nutrition and training techniques, and as a result he keeps the sessions fresh with the introduction of new exercises. I have recommended him to three colleagues, all of whom have enjoyed and benefitted from training with him. I would have no hesitation recommending him.”